Below is a list of pages on my blog:

And below is a list of common tags for my blog posts:

  • Critique: Literary or cultural criticism of tabletop games.
  • DND: General tag for posts about Dungeons & Dragons, of the DIY variety.
  • Economics: Discussions about economic simulation, theory, or critique.
  • FAQ: Explanations of recurrent topics or references on this blog.
  • History: Historical overviews of tabletop games, trends, and movements.
  • Informal Review: Commentaries on some books, usually commie shit.
  • Math: Mathematical analyses of tabletop game rules.
  • Procedure: Structural analyses of sequential logic in tabletop games.
  • Theory: Highfalutin talk about tabletop games or topics of interest.
  • TTRPG: General tag for posts about tabletop games, including non-D&D ones.


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