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Resourciv: More Progress, More Problems

It's been really fun working on Resourciv! A lot has happened since my first post: wrapping maps with proper continents and climate simulation; combat between meeples; settlement borders that grow with population; animals which roam the frontier for meeples to hunt and collect food for their camps or cities; cultures with their own colors and tribe/city names; and a game observation mode for my convenience / enjoyment (pictured above). That being said, as I get ever-so-closer to completing the game's basic functionality, it gets difficult running up against the game's actual "design". This is especially true for each society's mode of production, the flow of labor and material wealth. Civilization doesn't represent a specific mode of production, but an abstract model of growth and productivity which vary quantitatively between different governments or policies. This is easy to implement, but not very interesting. It does not model the inter

Tuk Fast Tuk Furious: An Informal Review

Told y'all I wouldn't be gone-gone! Sorry for not responding to anyone anywhere yet. I so appreciate y'all's encouragement and support, especially in wanting to shift gears here. My approach is just going to be writing when I feel like it, not out of a compulsion to participate here per se. Thank y'all again :) will respond properly soon, just not been active all that much. Played Tuk Fast Tuk Furious with Alex ( To Distant Lands ) and some of his friends tonight! I know that comparing one thing to another, especially of a different medium, is generally unhelpful and non-descriptive. Let me change your mind. Picture Mario Kart , but with your imagination. And you drive lovely little tuk tuks. Can you picture it? Tuk Fast Tuk Furious is a four-player game. Everyone plays the role of a tuk tuk street racer, hoping to win to accomplish some unrelated (and ridiculous) goal. Alex had our race take place in Paris during the lead-up to the 2024 Olympics, with blocked roa