SURVEY: Oracular D20

This is a little silly, but:

Often when I run little dragon games, I will ask people to roll D20 without a specific DC in mind. I feel like usually the result of the roll will be self-evident depending on how the die throws, although at the same time there is no science to it. I couldn't tell you at what point a roll is necessarily good or bad. It probably even depends on a case-by-case basis, like a virtual DC that my brain knows but doesn't tell me.

To that end, I made a survey out of curiosity: how do y'all interpret individual results of a D20 if we assume that lower is worse and higher is better? If you're interested, please take my survey below!

Survey Here!


  1. This is madness! On my opinion, at most, high is good and low is poor, so its 50% 50%. Other than that, rolling without a DC is GMfudgery

  2. My most common D20-as-oracle move is to have whatever longshot question my players ask, if I didn't prepare for it, be answered affirmatively/positively by a nat 20. Did any of Roman's university classmates end up working at this company? Does some vendor in this market happen to have the MacGuffin the party wants? Is today this guy's birthday?

    Mathematically unsound, narratively satisfying.


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