FMC Print Statistics

There have been 194 copies of Fantastic Medieval Campaigns printed on Lulu at cost! First, I wanted to thank all y'all for being so supportive and encouraging on this project. I hope everyone who has a copy enjoys it and finds it interesting and/or useful! :)

Here's the breakdown for each available version:

  • B&W Hardcover: 5%
  • Color Hardcover: 57%
  • B&W Softcover: 13%
  • Color Softcover: 25%

And here's the breakdown for each 'variable':

  • 18% are black & white, 82% are color.
  • 62% are hardcover, 38% are softcover.

Going off of this, I think I'd like to "simplify" the offerings. Maybe just offer the color hardcover and the black & white softcover. Part of me also wants to turn the black & white version into a simple 'core' version with the 3 main chapters and Appendix A, to keep the price down and give it its own niche. This will be in addition to separate-volume booklets that I'm still working on (or maybe I'll just do the hardcover and the individual booklets).

Let me know what y'all think! The Lulu pages are really for y'all to print at your convenience, since the print components are available on the Itch page anyway. Would this make it a pain for anyone?


  1. The only thing that drives me away from B&W is the Cover. I don't really want a colorful interior but the monochrome cover looks much less pleasing than the colorful one.

    1. very understandable! do you think the booklets would be a nice compromise for that?

      (also, if you want to print your own ideal copy, the components can be downloaded from the itch page!)

  2. As a purchaser of the color softcover I would have paid the few extra bucks for the color hardcover if that was my only option. Happy that I had an option for an OD&D book made by a comrade!


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