OD&D Currency Quick Fixes

Quick ways to help make costs in OD&D/FMC more internally consistent! Inspired by Delta's D&D Hotspot and some discussions on the ODD74 forum. :)

  • Characters start with 3d6 × 10 sp.
  • Treat item costs as if they were in silver.
  • Treat armor improvement as cumulative (i.e. leather costs 15 sp, chainmail costs 20 + 40 = 60 sp, and plate mail costs 20 + 40 + 60 = 120 sp; changed individual costs to reflect ascending AC).
  • Treat classed hireling cost as if it was in silver (100 sp / 10 gp).
  • Experience points are 1:1 to silver pieces instead of gold pieces.
  • Living expenses are 1% of total experience in silver. 
  • Divide tax revenue by 10 (so it becomes 1 gp), or read it as silver instead of gold.
  • Keep monthly wages for soldiers as gold (minimum: 1 gp / 10 sp).
  • Divide specialist costs by 10, or read them as silver instead of gold.

The main effect is that individual costs tend to be measured in silver and particularly great costs in gold.


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