Housekeeping & SADFAG

Hi all! This is kind of a general update post.

  1. I've reuploaded the dataset of OSR rulesets (link)! This comes after some changes and corrections I made to make sure that the dataset is accurate. Please refer to my original posts (1) (2) to read about this little project and my findings! I am going to consider this done for the time being.

  2. I'm going to post the next version of FMC next month (link)! I'll make a proper announcement later, but I don't feel compelled to advertise it or anything. It's not commercial, and I'm not a #content #creator or anything. In short, though, it is now one-to-one with the original medieval war game, and it also contains lots of new and wonderful art! I'm really grateful for everyone, new and old, who contributed to this next version. I've also ordered test prints, so we'll see how those turn out!

  3. I've published SADFAG on my blog (link)! What's SADFAG, you might ask? Well, it stands for Standard Average Dungeon Fantasy Adventure Game. It is a description and exploration of the D&D ruleset that has become basically conventional in our 'play culture', based on my previous work with Keystones and OSR rules families. I try not to give my own take on it, but I do try to pick apart how it 'works' and why people play in this way. It also served as Markdown practice for me, since I'd like to do something like this for FMC.

  4. I'm trying to collect keystone blog posts from 2021. It's been a year! Has anything stuck around since then and become part of our collective canon? I’ve got some in mind, but need to actually write about them.

That's all! Hope y'all have a great week. ☺️ I'm curious to know what y'all think about SADFAG, with respect to how it may differ from your preferences or even from what you think is conventional. I don't expect it to be used practically, but writing it down felt helpful just to contextualize what seems to be the norm around here.


  1. Looking forward to the keystone blog posts round up; keeping hold of the nuggets of gold from the torrent is always tricky, great to pull them out and preserve them.

    1. thank you!! i'm excited to make the list, and also totally agree: it's nice to see what new techniques or knowledge stick around and become part of the larger play culture :)


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