Releasing FMC in 3 Days!

Releasing an "alpha" version of Fantastic Medieval Campaigns this Friday (11/11) on my Itch! FMC is my free retroclone of the original 1974 manual for fantasy campaigns, in four chapters:

  • Chapter I, Mortals & Magic: Explains how to generate fantastic characters, fight terrible monsters, and cast magical spells.
  • Chapter II, Monsters & Treasures: Lists different kinds of monsters and the treasures they guard from characters that encounter them.
  • Chapter III, Fantasy Adventures: Procedures for a vast campaign that will see adventurers delve into the Underworld and conquer the Wilderness.
  • Appendix A, Chain of Command: The default wargaming system for medieval battles on a mass or individual scale.
  • Appendix B, Indices: Compiled indices for monsters, tables, and spells to help cross-reference different sections of the book.

Please keep an eye also on my Twitter, where I will post more screenshots and actually announce when the thing has actually released. Thank all y'all so much for your continued interest and encouragement, and I hope y'all enjoy this early look! It isn't edited yet and is missing some art, but I hope it's still useful as a reference and pleasant to read.

Below are screenshots, mostly from the black & white version since it's hard for me to take screenshots while my computer is broken (RIP). On that note, since I can't respond to comments on here for that same reason, please reach out to me on Twitter if you have any questions! :) The artists featured below are HODAG RPG, Emiel Boven, Skullboy, and Gus L. who also drew the cover.


  1. Yet another interpretation of OD&D to add to my pile? SIGN ME UP! I am looking forward to this!

    Also, I respect that you even included the utterly useless castle building diagram from OD&D, but with better art! A nice touch indeed!

  2. I am so incredibly excited. This looks awesome!


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