FMC is Out!!!

After almost fifteen months of extensively studying the original 1974 fantasy role-playing game, Fantastic Medieval Campaigns is finally available for download!! I wrote up a longer thing, an explanation and justification of my work, on the Itch page where you can download it. So, with that being said, click the link on the widget below to download the book!

Below are some more screenshots of the color version of the text, just to show y'all the final product in case you haven't been keeping up with it on my Twitter. Keep in mind, also, that my computer is officially broken so you can ony reach out to me there or on the Itch page linked above. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement throughout this huge project!


  1. Congratulations! It's both attractive and faithful. Occasional interjections really brighten the whole thing up. Other favorite bits: I hadn't noticed the hydra description until I saw your picture, wild! I liked the addition of move costs for different terrain---presumably from wilderness survival. The castle picture on 149 will make anybody want to build one. I also liked the picture of the sailor on 164.

    I've only found 3 typos, which may be a record for an OSR production, and I've already forgotten one of them. On page 181 both dagger and hatchet are listed as length 1. On page 188 you mention italicized units, but on page 189 the relevant units are underlined instead.

    Other nitpicks:

    The underlining of Martian-types on 137 goes unexplained.

    It might have been nice to reorder entries on the wilderness encounter tables---rather than writing "Bandits, Brigands, Bandits" you might have written "Bandits, Bandits, Brigands" so anyone could see at a glance the relative frequency of each encounter.

    Also you have listed that characters heal every day after the first day of rest, but LBB3 pg 35 specifies every other day.

    I read some other blogger somewhere who said you had made some changes---what are they?
    Rereading M&T in your edition I'm struck by the inconsistency implied by the suggestion that some creatures get certain numbers of attacks---2 for crabs, 6 for a 6-headed hydra---when they should have the same number or more, based on their HD. I wonder if Gygax was already working on the Greyhawk system when he drafted M&T.

    I hope these comments find you well. If you add bookmarks I do not see myself using my LBB printouts ever again.

    1. hi canyon!! thank you so much for your helpful feedback; you may have seen me respond to (and later resolve) these points in the errata post. i haven't yet messed with the martian encounters and the weird order of the encounter tables, but i will hopefully fix them in the next big version!

      i have not actually made any changes that i'm aware of with respect to the LBBS, but the wargaming rules are a bit abridged (no rules for formations, and simplified rolls for peasants to not freak out when attacking).

      the sea monsters definitely seem to reflect later conventions in monster design, which is maybe why they were originally included in the third volume (as an afterthought, perhaps)! it's definitely worth closer reading :)


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