Psst, ODD74!

I've lurked on your forum for a couple of years! That is me in the new user registration thread; I just now wanted to make an account because I was trying to investigate to where my infamous post about the OSR was being referred. So, I wanted to reply on the thread where it was linked because there was some discussion about hazard dice and similar abstract mechanics, and I wanted to give some context for why it's used (and also clarify my own feelings about it, since my take on it was less because I use it actively and more because I think it's a useful teaching tool).

I also just want to participate in general because I think OD&D is really interesting and the discussions on the forum have always been really insightful. It would be great to have the opportunity to talk about the game with y'all and learn more from y'all's perspectives.

Thank you! Sincerely,



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