Shitpost Job Rules


Minimum hourly wage is $0.50, so that you earn $4 every 8 hours of work.

Every 8 hours you work at a job, check your most relevant stat for that job.

  • SUCCESS: Mark 1 Job Experience Point (JXP). When you acquire 25 JXP total, you are promoted and now receive +$1 per shift.
  • FAILURE: Lose Job Hit Points (JHP) equal to your earnings. When you lose all 10 JHP, your boss fires you. Your JHP resets every week.

Roll 2d6 (use 3d6 for d20+bonus system, or whatever idk you figure it out) for your job’s initial difficulty, and increase that score by +1 (+1.5 for d20 rules?) each time you are promoted.

Check for random encounters every 8 hours of work.


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