(d6-d6) character creation + conflict resolution

inspired by this post: https://goblinshenchman.wordpress.com/2021/03/25/d20-d21-bell-curve-strange-things-excite-me/

might swap THAC0 table in small town gothic for this, but i haven't playtested either so! who knows.


  1. terrible
  2. poor
  3. mediocre
  4. fair
  5. good
  6. great
  7. superb

each stat {dex, str, wis} starts at Terrible (1). you can distribute 7 points to each.

alternatively, roll 3d6 and set each stat equal to one of your dice. or smth more complicated. just get three values between 1-6.

stat check: roll (d6 - d6) and add the result to the relevant stat. if you roll at or above the right power level, you succeed. most dungeon checks are Superb.

everyone has 10 hp. when you win a stat check to attack, your target loses hp equal to the highest die. when you lose, you lose hp equal to the highest die (maybe?). when you have 0 hp, you die.

roll d6 for each monster's stat the same way as for characters to determine their power levels.

this breaks down with monsters that are more powerful than a Superb human might represent--like a dragon or something--but maybe that's desirable. like, why go head-to-head with a dragon. idiot.

original twitter idea

same thing, but add +3 to each value on the ladder

4. terrible
5. poor
6. mediocre
7. fair
8. good
9. great
10. superb

roll 2d6 for each stat {dex, str, wis}. to succeed at a stat check, roll (d6-d6) + stat at or above the appropriate action rating (THERE'S THE WORD I WAS LOOKING FOR).

math works out the same, but it takes advantage of rolling 2d6 for stats and the bell curve.


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